As the newest member of the firm, Alex serves as an Investment Advisor managing accounts, working closely with clients and assisting with research. First introduced to the firm through his attendance at Young Entrepreneurs Business Week, Alex is a lifelong learner who loves to research investments and descend into the particulars for Pilot’s clients.

Away from the office, he is an avid Oregon Ducks and Pittsburgh Steelers football fan and enjoys the analytical side of the game. He makes the trek to Eugene on those special Saturdays during the fall and watches the Steelers the next day in his #19 jersey. Alex also has a passion for aviation, wants to eventually get his private pilot license, and can look up at any passing airliner and tell you the airline and where it’s likely coming from or going to. He loves to cook with wild rice and vegetables, drink green tea that he bought in Tokyo, ski on Mt. Hood, and go hiking in the woods.

Alex is a native Oregonian who received his Bachelor’s in Accounting from University of Portland. While there, he participated in the University of Portland’s Entrepreneurial Scholars Program and created a podcast called Think Like an Owner focused on acquiring small companies and developing an owner’s mindset. Alex lives in Sellwood with his fiancé Michelle and is a daily bike commuter on the Springwater Trail.


Direct: 503-928-2420





B.B.A. Accounting with Entrepreneurship Minor
University of Portland