The Power of ONE TOOL...


I was reminded today of the power of one tool. How a single tool can sometimes be a game changer.

I tinker a lot in the garage and around the house, hence I collect tools. Yet I'm always coming up against a situation where I don't have the right tool. It's frustrating! I'll spend all kinds of time working around the situation, when just having the right tool to do the job...well, you've probably heard all the old homespun euphemisms. I was reminded of this today in my quest to organize my office. Tidiness has not been my strong suit, and my work gets messy. Especially when I'm writing or developing speech content. When I'm kicked into high gear creatively, it's like cooking Paella (especially my mom's recipe!) I use every pot and pan there is. Tastes great but doing the dishes takes a fortnight! Thus, since I've been heavy into rewrites on my book, my office....well, let's just say I'm tempted to just light the match and start over! Fortunately, level heads prevailed and I bought a labeler at Costco on a whim while waiting for tires for my car. I've been the mad labeler since I returned home and I was amazed how much the log jam had cleared. With a simple little labeler! It got me thinking about the leadership tools we use...or not. How a simple tool can clear the log jam...or even be a game changer. One simple tool! So here is one tool I'll offer. It's called the 3 second rule. Simply, because it has to be simple, you must pause 3 seconds before responding in ANY conversation. Go on. Try it. I'll guarantee in the least, you'll clear some log jams in your communication with your team. It could even be a game changer.

One tool.

Go on. Try it.